Vuruuta Master

The Vuruuta Master is a double axle multi-purpose goods carrier from 2-6m long with different models ranging from 1 tonne - 5 tonne capacity. Ideal for towing by the big brother cruisers with turbo diesel engines including light trucks like Canters, FH, Isuzu with engines from 2.5 litre and above. These trailers can double or even triple the carrying capacity of pickups or canter light trucks. They will be an instant hit with many manufacturers and suppliers of high volume and bulky goods especially plastic products, furniture, some horticultural products etc.

Vuruuta Warrior

The Vuruuta Warrior is a versatile trailer with a range of applications:

As a multipurpose goods carrier for the small scale farmer, businessman, contractor or just any ordinary motorist with bulky goods to move from point A to B

For Pick-up owners the Vuruuta Warrior doubles up as extra load capacity to increase utility and provide additional revenue.

Its detachability on reaching destination frees the tow vehicle to proceed with other business. Its potential for a range of mobile business ideas in any desirable location is a very attractive proposition to many entrepreneurs in highly competitive lines of fixed business locations.