Quantum Vuruta Warrior-Single Axle

Quantum Vuruta Master-Double Axle

Quantum Hearse

Quantum Mobile Outdoor Grill

Quantum Motorbike Carrier

Our Story

Since inception in 2009, Quantum Trailers has been able to accomplish great goals for Kenya industry as follows :

  • Have manufactured for both local and export consumption, more than 1000(LDC) trailers that have been tried and tested on the bad and ugly of Kenyan road conditions.
  • Our trailers utilize 99% locally available construction raw materials and skilled technical manpower.
  • Our LDC road trailers are made from quality motor vehicle spare parts which we have re-engineered to produce strong, reliable and road worthy trailer vehicles for Kenyan roads and terrain.
  • Quantum Trailers are Approved and licensed for public road use by NTSA.
  • Quantum Trailers have been tried and tested regionally for last 10 years and have earned the credit and good reputation of Kenyan NGO’s, Tours and Safari enthusiasts for being the only trailers that can survive behind a Toyota Land Cruiser to Masai Mara and back SEVERALLY!.

Our Offered Services


Suitable for Small scale farmers in Beef, Dairy Farming Horticultural, Poultry, Tea, Coffee, and Fruit farmers. Quantum Trailers can be pulled by small Quad bikes, Tractors, Cars and Light Trucks,


Quantum’s commercial trailers are a robust line of light and heavy duty trailers, used for transportation of light duty commercial goods and services and are pulled by cars and light trucks.

Tours & Travel

Appropriate for Camping safaris, Research expeditions, Groups and schools Touring, various Sports and Recreational activities.

Mobile Business Ideas

Taking Products & Business Services Directly to the People on the Streets. Today, all over the world, Mobile Business Trailers are becoming very popular as the most econonomical and cost effective method for reaching customers directly and quickly with various fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and services. Quantum Trailers have several local designs in place and plenty of sample designs from around the world which we can quikly customize.